We are the Penna brothers

Our passion swings back and forth Italy, London, America while collecting the best ingredients. Everything rise thanks to the sourdough starter - kneaded with our hands - to create pastries as good as they once were.

A pastry chef
and an economist

The Pastry

Since I was a child, I liked to help out at the family restaurant. I got the Diploma in Cooking and Pastry and then I headed out to explore the world—Italy, London, America, cookies and donuts all around me, but high quality and leavened pastry above all, my great love! My land, however, called me back and after many work experiences and training courses—which helped me master new production techniques and hone the 5 senses in the kitchen—I decided to get back and roll up my sleeves at my country. I made my first panettone for a few friends and connoisseurs and… everyone liked it!

The Foodie

In the afternoons at Mom and Dad's restaurant, I played at being an accountant and pretended to make receipts. After graduating in 2003, I decided to move to Milan to study at Cattolica and graduate in Business Administration: intense years that made me grow professionally but, above all, on a personal level. In 2010 I saw a big apple… on the computer first, then in my future—so I move to New York; in 2012 it was time for Big Ben, so I headed to London for work. I have seen beautiful things, tasted very good food and collaborated on great projects, but the idea of striking out of my own has never left me. What a coincidence—my brother Luca and I went back home together and after hugs and memories, the desire to work side by side was rekindling, even stronger and tastier than before.

I Nostri Panettoni